What is the plan?

week 1-2

in this week, together we will work on building the foundation of your business. You will choose your target market and your niche of your business.


week 5-6

in this week, we will building your email list. Once you have your blog and website up, you will need to figure out how will you commutate with your audience? The answer, email lists


week 8-9

in this week, we will figure out what type of sales funnel you will have. This will allow you to create a funnel which makes you sales daily

week 3-4

In this week, we will build your content. What types of blog posts, emails, resources will you have? This will all be covered in this week.


week 7-8

in this week, we will work on your social media stragety. The ones we will focus on are Facebook and Pinterest. Both of these have been game changers for my business.


week 8-9

in this week, we will figure out how will you be launching your product. This is vital to having a successful sale. Now that the foundtain has been build you will have money rolling in.


does this sound perfect?

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