How Facebook Groups Can Grow Your Email List?

Yes I know what I am saying may sound out crazy. You might be thinking Shazeen how in the world are Facebook Groups like Email Lists. It is like a mindset, whenever you post  your product, free an opt-in, or even share your success, your email list engages with you.


Facebook groups are quite amazing. When I first launched, I knew that Facebook Groups provides tons of value but I never thought it would give me the amount of success I had achieved. When I launched my blog, I started posting in Facebook groups. My first post was about my blog launch. I had shared my blog launch with a link to my website. The response was amazing, with over 100 views on my first day and at least 6 comments on my blog posts. This was a huge success for me, since it allowed me to understand if my blog would be successful. After posting in Facebook groups for over a week, I have gotten 2000 views, 60 opt-ins, and book two paid clients. This all happened by choosing the right Facebook group.


There are three things I like to look for when I am finding new Facebook groups. There are many different questions or factors should which could work for you.

  • Is there engagement in the group? If no one in the group is replying to each other, don’t bother. You want a group where everyone is connected and understands each other.
  • Do they allow promotion? Make sure you read the group's guidelines before you post anything that would promote your blog or business. It could get you kicked out of a group. You want a group which allows promotion allowing traffic to arrive to your website.
  • How many potential clients or customers are in the group? Browse through the group, there is also a search bar in the group. Use this feature to your advantage and explore the group. Some examples are if you are a food blogger, search recipes maybe something will show up.  Another example, if you a graphic designer, search up graphic designer needed. This way search everything that is related to your niche to figure out if it right for you.


You want to stick to five, I have two groups with over 10,000 people. This allows me to show my content to new people. This is the group, where my opt-in and traffic rates were huge. I had three groups with around 1000 to 500 people in the group, this is where I found two clients. I would try to get to many groups and spread yourself thin. It gets too overwhelming and you can make that much of an impact.


I would strive for helping in all the posts you can, especially the ones that show your expertise. Although for promotion posts, for your email opt-ins you should post around twice a week. Any more, seems to much and spammy. I have a template for you to use:

Hey All,

I am here to say I have recently achieved [ insert achievement you have received]. After all of this hard work, I have decided that I will be giving away [ the type of free opt-in]. This is an epic [type of opt-in] for you use. But this is a limited time offer, just comment I want this below!

You can use this epic template to make people go to your website, to drive traffic and grow your email list like crazy.


I think that is this is all for this post. Facebook groups have bee amazing to for me and hopefully can be amazing for you too.

Shazeen Kamran