21+ Eye-Catching Blog Post Title Templates

Your blog post titles are important, if you fail to create eye-grabbing titles you could lose valuable readers. Although, many bloggers struggle to create amazing titles. I have created a resource for you to use.

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What Makes A Good Blog Post Title?

Well this is the question that you have been waiting for. A good blog post title is significant to gaining readers. If I was scrolling through pinterest, the one item which is shown is your blog post title. If it doesn't seem interesting readers won't bother clicking on it. 

Here are a few components which are needed in a eye-catching blog post title:

  • Speak to the reader: Your blog post title needs to be explain itself to the reader. They need to understand what your blog post will be about.
  • Be specific with your title: You can't have a blog post title called "How to do laundry." But what exactly about laundry. How to clean stains out of your clothes, how to fold clothes to take up less space. This will allow your readers to understand what your blog post will be about.
  • Use Descriptive Words: You need to use words like How to, Ultimate, Challenge, Free. These words will attract people to visit your blog post.  

Story Time

1) How I [the story} → It's storytime, this blog post title could work when you have the experience and you are trying to show your story to other how to got to some destinations.

  • Ex: How I Got My First Client
  • How I Started My Own Business
  • How I Went Full Time With My Mommy Blog

2) Behind the Scenes of [ a process] → Want your readers to have a behind the scenes of something to do involving your business.

  • Behind the Scene of my blog
  • Behind the Scenes: Road Trip around Canada
  • Behind the Scenes: Party Night Makeup Look

3) How I Built [ a product] in [a certain time] → If you are writing how you launched a product for our business.

  • How I Built An E-book in 10 days
  • How I Built A Successful Blog within a year
  • How I Built My Design Service Process in 2 hours

How To Guides

4) The Ultimate Guide To [Word] → This is perfect if you are going to dive deep into a topic, and going to explain about it.

  • Ex: The Ultimate Guide To Start a Coaching Service
  • The Ultimate Guide To Start A Minimal Lifestyle
  • The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Successful Road Trip

5)The Ultimate Guide To Becoming [a career] If you want to show how you become a blogger, a freelancer. This blog post will be perfect for you to use. 

  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Food Blogger
  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Coach
  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Vegan

6) [#] Ways To Master [ Your Topic ]

  • 3 Ways To Master Building Your Own Course
  • 10 Ways To Master The Daily MakeUp Look
  • 25 Ways To Master Squarespace

7) Create/Launch Your [ A Project] within [ a certain number of days ]

  • Launch Your Blog within a week
  • Create Your Fitness Routine within a hour
  • Launch Your EBook within 90 Days

8) The Beginner's Guide to [ Your topic ]

  • The Beginner's Guide to Baking Cookies
  • The Beginner's Guide to Start a Minimal Lifestyle
  • The Beginner's Guide to cleaning out your email

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Lies And Mistakes

9) [ #] Lies about [Your Topic] → If you trying to show what the reader of the blog post can avoid this is perfect.

  • 5 Lies about Traveling
  • 15 Lies about College
  • The Biggest Lie about Becoming A Mom

10) [#] Mistakes New [ An Audience] Make

  • 5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make
  • 10 Mistakes New Moms Make
  • 3 Mistakes New Designers Make

11)The Anatomy of a [Descriptive word] [an item]

  • The Anatomy of An Epic Workout Routine
  • The Anatomy of A Perfect Planner
  • The Anatomy of DIYing your bedroom

12) 101 [ a topic]

  • 101 of baking
  • 101 of becoming a mom
  • 101: Instagram for Beginners .

13) The Step by Step Guide To [ Your topic]

  • The Step By Step Guide To Making A Shop in Squarespace
  • The Step By Step Guide To Design A Logo
  • The Step By Step Guide To Start Traveling For Free

14) How To Create The Perfect [ Your topic]

  • How To Create The Perfect Blog Post
  • How To Create The Perfect Date Night
  • How To Create The Perfect Messy Bun


15) [One thing] Vs. [Two things]  The Ultimate ShowDown

  • Blogger Vs. Wordpress: The Ultimate ShowDown
  • Instagram Vs. Squarespace: The Ultimate ShowDown
  • Vegan Vs. Vegetarian: The Ultimate ShowDown

16) Why is/are [ One thing] better than [ Two thing]

  • Why are Road Trips better than Flying?
  • Why is Iphone better than Android?
  • Why is Baking better than Frying?

Tips and Tricks

17) # Simple and Easy Ways To Improve [ Your Topic]

  • 5 Simple and Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO
  • 10 Simple and Easy Ways To Improve Your House
  • 3 Simple and Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

18) # Little Known Ways to [ Your topic]

  • 3  Little Known Ways to Make Money
  • 6 Little Known Ways to Persuade People
  • 4 Little Known Ways to Improve Your Traffic

19) # Savvy Ways To [ Do A Task]

  • 4 Savvy Ways To Clean Your House
  • 15 Savvy Ways To Sell Products
  • 10 Savvy Ways To Save Money

20) # Questions To Ask Before [Your Task]

  • 5 Questions To Ask Before You Launch A Product
  • 24 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Designer
  • 8 Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

21) The Hidden Secrets Behind [ Your Industry]

  • The Hidden Secrets Behind An Online Business
  • The Hidden Secrets Behind Blogging
  • The Hidden Secrets Behind Selling A House
Shazeen Kamran