3 Reasons Why You Aren't Having Any Sales

You are super excited about this new product you spent working on. You have uploaded your product and added a photo in your sidebar promoting it. And now, you wait. You are frustrated no sales have come in and it had been a week since you launched your new product. 

This is a situation many business owners find themselves in. They are lost about why they aren't getting any sales. In today blog post, I will be going through 3 different reasons why you are probably not having any sales.  

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1) You haven't build a conversation with your customer

You can't sell a product with just one blog post promoting your product. You need to build a conversation. You need to connect all the pieces from the beginning of the sale which is when the readers land on your website until the reader clicks on to the purchase button. 

There is a journey as I say, which takes a reader into a paying customer. Here is a little walkthrough of what happens. 

  • Step One: Social Media - How will your readers land on your website? They won't just magically find your blog post. There is a way how they arrive on your website. The most effective way is social media, but more specifically Pinterest. Pinterest is a real life unicorn. It gives you tons of traffic to your blog posts.
  • Step Two: Your Blog Post - Once the readers have landed on your website, they will read your blog post. This is one of the most important steps of this sales process. Your readers will figure out if they love you or you are like everybody else. Your blog post should provide tons of information but also be unique and special. 
  • Step Three: Your Email Opt-In: After your reader has read your blog post, you should trail into your email opt-in. This should be a continuation of what they had read in the blog post. Your email opt-in can be anything from an e-book to a challenge. You should be giving away your best stuff for free, or an email address.
  • Step Four: Your Email Sequence: This is probably the most important step in your process. You will have an automated  email sequence going out to your customer. You will start from your free opt-in and slowly transition into your product. 
  • Step Five: Sales Page: In the last email, you will offer an epic deal about your product. This will lead the customer into your sales page. Your sales page should have the final offer until the customer clicks the buy now button.

2) Your graphics suck

Your graphics could be the very reason why you aren't getting any sales. If your sales page looks spammy people aren't going to buy your product. Here are a couple design fixes you can create to fix up your sales page: 

  • Create it in Squarespace: I highly suggest my readers to use Squarespace. I actually use it for my sales pages as they look effortless and they take only a couple hours to make. If you are launching your product for a month, your sales page will only cost 12 dollars!! It is a well in worth investment as it can bring in tons of sales since you look professional and sleek. 
  • Include Mockups of your product: Do you ever just look at other websites and see how they have these epic websites and products on computers and laptops. Well that my dear friend is called a mockup. A mockup is basically where you can take your ebook cover and add it to actual book on someone's desk. It can make your product engagement go up as the user is seeing the product being used. You can find tons of different mockups on creative market. 
  • Have a constant brand: You can't have thousands of different fonts and colours on your sales page without it looking crazy. I create an additional style guide for my product launches. 
  • Have a big buy now button: If your readers can't seen your buy now button, what are they going to buy. 

3) You aren't creating content your readers need

It is important to figure out what your readers need. You can create your product and then launch and realize people aren't buying it because they don't need it. Well how do you figure out if what your readers need.

  • Ask a survey/Run a poll: The best way to figure what your audience needs is to ask them. Run a survey with four different ideas for products and ask them what they would want to buy. Whatever the top result is create a product, you will have confidence knowing your readers want to know about the topic.
  • Get their feedback: You can ask people what they felt worked. You can email a couple of people who have bought your products before and ask what they loved and hated about the product. This way you can get their point of view.
  • Look at your website statistics: If you don't want to ask your readers, the best way is to look your own statics. Look at which blog post is the most popular, which opt-in has the most signups and more. Just dig around your website and see what works with your audience.


And my most favourite, pre selling your product. I absolutely love preselling not only my product, but other. Preselling is basically when you sell your product before you make it. Yup, before your make it. But how do you presell your product the right way. To presell your product, you would need to plan out your product, figure out the price of it, the content which will go into it, and finish at least 20% of the product. Then you are start pre selling your product.


This way you can understand the hype for your product. If tons of people buy the pre sell, you know your product will be a success. If not, then refund the product to the people who have bought your product and tell them you're sorry. 


This way you can understand if your product will be worth it and it also motivates you to finish the product as people are expecting it. 

Shazeen Kamran