How To Set A Shop In Squarespace?

I am a Squarespace fanatic. It is super simple and easy to use. Whether, you want to expand your blog and start selling products or start your own business, Squarespace is perfect to use. 

In today's blog post, I will be talking about how to set up a shop in Squarespace.


But first, what is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a unique drag and drop platform which makes building a website super simple. They offer tons of different template to start off with a base for your website. With your own customization, you can add your own images and copy to build your website.

Why I Choose Squarespace?

I love to use Squarespace since it is a great platform which both bloggers and designers can use. There are many different features I love about Squarespace.

  • You can make Responsive website → Having a website which looks nice on both mobile and desktop devices is super important. With Squarespace, it is super easy to make a website which works for both of your needs.
  • It is super easy to use → With Squarespace, once you have gotten over the small learning curve, it is super simple.
  • It is beautiful → Since Squarespace offers well designed templates, it is super hard to make it look ugly.

How to create a shop?

To create a shop in Squarespace, first you are going to have to login into Squarespace. Then you would go into the sub menu "Pages" and click on plus icon to add a new page. Then a pop up with all the different types of pages you can add. We will be adding the "Products" page.

This will allow you to create a store for your website. 



Once you have clicked on "products", then name your store. I will be naming mine shop for demo purpose. Once you have named your store, you should the screen below. 

In the menu to the right, you can that there are three different icons. 

  • Search Icon: Once you start adding products, you can search all of your products
  • Setting Icon: This brings up the page settings, you can change name of the page, change the URL of the page, and even add a password to the page. 
  • Add a Product Icon: This allows you to add products to your shop.



I will clicking on the "add a product icon". Once you have clicked on it, you should get a pop-up of three different options (See image below).

  • Physical Product: You would choose this product type if you are selling anything that need to be shipped. Some example are: An physical book, Poster, Paper, etc.
  • Digital Product: You would choose this product type if you are selling anything that is digital, Some example are: An eBook, digital files, courses and more.
  • Service: You would choose this product type if you are selling anything that is a service. Some examples are: a graphic design service, coaching packages, consulting and much more.


Creating A Physical Product

Once you have selected a Physical product, you should receive a new window which allows edit the product. (See image below). In the "item" column, you can edit the name of the product, the price of the product you are selling, and a description of the product. You can also add images of the product so your readers get a better understanding of the product.

You can also choose if your hidden or visible. This way if you have a product which available lets say only around Christmas. When Christmas is near, you can set your product to visible. You customers can buy the product, but once Christmas is over you can hide the product, making it only visible to you. This makes it much easier then deleting the product/



In the "Pricing & Variants" column, (See image below) Here you can put different options of your item, how much stock your product has, the weight and dimensions of your product. This is only available in a physical  product as the dimensions and weight of a digital product isn't really possible.  



Then we have "Additional info". Here you will place the extra information about your product.

There is also a  "Form" option. (See Image Below) This is quite a unique feature, as you can add a form to the product. Let say you can have an option of what color you want the text to be in poster. You can get your customer to choose that option. 

You can also get your customer to sign up to your email list when they buy your product. This is super useful as you can sell more products to them, through email marketing. 



And finally, we have the "Options" sections. (See image below) This section allows you to change the URL of your product. You can also add a thumbnail image for your product.

There are two options as well. You can change the button from Add to Cart to Buy Now, or whatever you want. And you can also change your product to featured. This way when you are displaying it on your home page, you can choose your featured products.


Creating A Digital Product

Once you have selected create a digital product, you will get a popup window with the different options. It is the same as physical product, except the pricing. (See Image Below) In physical product, you can add shipping and handling costs within the price. Although, in digital product you can just add the price of the product. You can also add a sales price, and choose when the price is on sale with a click of a button.



Well, that wraps up this blog post about creating your shop in Squarespace. I hope this helped you understand the basics of starting your own shop. And now you know the different between all the options Squarespace provides with creating your own shop. Happy Creating you all. 

Shazeen Kamran