The #1 Way To Improve Your Writing

Writing has always been a struggle for me. I absolutely love writing but my grammar and spelling mistakes are endless. When writing, grammar mistakes can decrease the level of skill from your writing by over 50%. But how do you fix it? I have one simple step which has helped me drastically and brought my writing to a professional level.

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I have a secret. I have been using this trick for the past 6 months, the change it has done to my writing is amazing. When you are editing your work, sometimes you don’t have a person to edit. It is usually my sister, but sometimes she can be really busy. That is where my secret comes in.

Google Translate.

I know it sounds ridiculous, like how in the world do you write in another language or something. No, I use the read out loud feature. This way when the computer reads to me, I can figure out the mistakes.

When you read to yourself, the words just whoosh through your head since your mind is thinking of what you wrote. Even when you read out loud, your brain just scans over the world. However, when you use Google Translate it can help with the computer reading just what you wrote.


Once I am done writing my blog post or any content. ( I usually write in google docs). I read over it once, trying to find where I might have missed some information. Once I feel as if my work has been writing to the best of my ability, I open up google translate. 

I like to break my blog post into around 4 to 5 sections which I would focus on. With each chunk, I would copy and paste into google translate. Then I would click the "hear" button on the ENGLISH SIDE. You have to remember that. 

Just listen. You will notice all the grammar mistakes you had in your writing. You would notice how awkward your sentences were structured. As you listen, change the mistakes you notice. It will make a big difference.

I know this may sound a bit time consuming, but if you think about it. You are putting yourself out there on the internet, might as well make it looks professional. 

Comment down below, How do edit your work? 

-Shazeen Out.

Shazeen Kamran