One Way To Make Your Website Look AMAZING!

Your website has to look good for you to run it successfully. Without it having an aesthetic look, readers will hop right out of your website. I know, I do. If I land on a website and it seems horribly designed, I get off. If the owner hasn't taken the time to make it look good, why would the content be good? There is one secret which can transform your website in minutes. 

The one way to make your website look amazing is ......






White space is super important to your website. It brings a light airy feel to your website. If you had a website which had a cluttered feel, you wouldn't want to be on it. White space allows that feel.


But first, What is white space?


White Space is often called the invisible element. It is negative space, the empty space in a design content. It can be used in website design, images, typography, the margins, etc. 

With the use of white space, it makes your design look professional, elegant, and unique. Your eye will be drawn to the content since the white space is creating an emphasis to the important content. 

If you have a blog, white space is essential. You need your user experience to be perfect. A great website which uses is Pines Up North. Cole, the mind behind the beautiful website uses a lot of white space. He uses the perfect amount, making an aesthetic, please. 

As you can see, there is whitespace in the logo, the navigation, the borders, the text its self and even the buttons.

With all of this use of white space, it brings the whole website together.  This results in your website to have a professional look. Now how will you bring the whitespace to your website. I have created a little diagram which can explain all the places where you would see whitespace. 

This is for a blog example, as you can see, I put the navigation above logo for more negative space. It brings a cleaner look, and the header should always be at the top. Right below the navigation is the logo. The logo is in the middle being padded by lots of white space. 


Then we get to the blog, itself. Each post has been surrounded by white space, so it doesn't seem as cluttered. And there HAS to be space between the blog and the sidebar. If not , the sidebar would seem to be part of the blog. 


When I am designing websites, logo or even worksheets, I like to think of this rule of the three C's. 

Clean Crisp Clear


This always allows me to get whitespace into the item, I am designing. It should be clean, meaning the items shouldn't be cluttered together. Use as much as space as you want. It should be crisp. Having straight and smooth edges. Nothing should be faded. It should be either black and white. No grey. And last but not least, It would be clear. Does it get to the point? If I land on your website, I should immediately understand what you do, or what the purpose of your website is. If you


That is the run through about how much this one tip of using whitespace can do to your website. Remember the rule of the C's.


Comment down below, What is your favourite design tips?


Shazeen, Out!

Shazeen Kamran