How To Create Pinterest Graphics In Less Than 5 Minutes?

As a blogger, Pinterest is a vital source of traffic. It is around 90% of where my traffic comes from. Having GORRRGEOUS Pinterest graphics will allow you to maximum your blog. Not only does it allow you to post on Pinterest, to bring traffic to your site. It allows your readers to post your graphic on Pinterest for future reference. It is a win-win situation. 

But how will you make those graphics? 

Well in today's step by step tutorial you will learn how to make your very own Pinterest graphics to use for your blog.       

Furgeen Writes's Pinterest Graphics.png

But first, Why do you need to create Pinterest graphics? 

Pinterest graphics grab the attention of the Pinterest World *cue dramatic voice*. If it built right, your blog graphic will double within at least a week. 

But what make a Pinterest graphic good or bad? Here are some examples:




This is a really bad graphics. What is wrong with it exactly?

  • The Text Blends In With The Background. The reader wouldn't even bother to look at your image. 
  • It is Horizontal instead of Vertical. Having vertical photos is a MUST for Pinterest. Without having Vertical photos your pin will be lost in the sea of pins.  
  • It is Difficult to Read. This one is kind of obvious. if you can't see the text on your graphics. People won't bother reading it. They will just scroll by 
  • It doesn't stand out to the reader. Your pin should stand out of the crowd. If the text doesn't stand out, people won't bother to look at it. 


This is a good graphics. But what makes it a good graphic.

  • The fact that you can easily see the text and the text stand out to you, instead of the photo.
  • It is a vertical image, which allows the graphic to stand out. This allows the image to be in front of the reader. 
  • The image is minimal but it does stand out. When looking for images, I tend to look for images which have less clutter in them. This allows your text or title to stand out even more. 


Templates are super important. They define your brand and it can make your work much easier. Some people will make a different graphic per blog post. But, that is super time consuming, instead make templates.

I have a few examples of Template graphic, What do you notice about them? 

THENEWPRENEUR ( Shameless Self Promo)




They all the same constant theme. Your readers could recognize your Pinterest graphics easily. I have a tutorial for how to make your Pinterest graphics. There is a video, or if you just want to scroll through. A step by step tutorial , just scroll down. 


Creating your own pinterest graphics isn't as difficult as it sounds. I use the website called I am sure most of you have heard about this website or even used it. Canva allows you to create graphics, just like Photoshop. But it is much easier  and it is FREE. 

First open Canva up, 

Once you have Canva open. Open up more, which you would go to Social Media Graphics, and go to Pinterest Graphic. Canva already has its own template with the sizing to use, which is really useful. 

Once it opens up, you can scroll through all the options of until you find one you like. There are quite a bit of different types of templates you can choose from. I am going with the one which is circled below.

Just Drag the graphic, you chose to the sheet. The template will appear and you can start customizing it to your style.

All you have to do now is change the text to the title of your blog post. Ex: if I was doing a blog post on different types of eyeliners. I would put "10 different types of eyeliners to start using today." This way on people see the Pinterest graphic, they know exactly what the blog post is about. 

Now, you could change the photo to your chosen. You have to be careful in this step as you can't just grab a photo off google. I have a blog post covering this topic and 10 different places where you can get free stock photos for your blog.

"Add the click for the website"

Once you have changed the photo to your choice. Just add your website name as I have done. And your graphic is finished . Your Pinterest graphic is ready to use for your blog and you can start sharing your graphic. 

That sums this post up. Now you know, why you need Pinterest graphics, What they can do for you. What makes a good and a bad graphic, and how to make your own. 

Comment Down Below, What Do You Use To Make Your Graphics? 

Shazeen Kamran