I created my own web design business, I noticed something was missing. The lack of information for beginners. That was when I started "The Newpreneur". A website which would help people who had an idea or passion, transforming it into a successful blog or business. 

You are probably dreaming about running your 9 to 5 job to leap into your idea. But life isn't all sparkles and rainbows. 

What happens when you quit your job, how will you get traffic? How will you find clients worth your time and effort? 

Well, it is time to get to work. 

It will take hard work, passion and most importantly guts. Although with my help, you will launch your business into the world. 


But first, who am I? My name is Shazeen. And I am the creator behind The Newpreneur. I am here to help you with putting your business idea into reality.


I am a content creator and graphic designer. When I am not working with other clients or making content. I am probably on Instagram looking through drool-worthy desserts. 


But enough about me, are you ready to do this?



Blog Smart. Design Well. Rule The World.

Here at The Newpreneur we help bloggers and business owners with their brand and website. We allow you to have a beautiful yet professional design which describes you and your business. It is time to stop wishing to have the business of your dreams and make that dream into a reality.